New stuff in the stash

While working on the Messerschmitt Bf109G-6, I managed to get…

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Spitfire Mk.VII – Part 3

Well, look at that. Glued, filled, sanded, masked, primed and…

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Spitfire 04

Spitfire Mk.VII – Part 2

Now that the interior is done, let’s tackle the rest…

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spitfire cockpit 02

Spitfire Mk.VII – Part 1

Let’s start with something familiar. I think I’ve built a…

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Current kits

From the bottom, clockwise: Spitfire Mk.VII & Mosquito FB Mk.IV…

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Back from the dark years

Hi again, it’s me. The “dark years” is a term…

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Zunification part 3: First implementation

It turns out that option 2 and 4 (Soundgate CORE…

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Zunification part 2: The Plan

There are several ways to use a Zune in your…

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So I have this car, you know, and this car…

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Gear bag

I know my readers are on the edge of their…

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