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So I finally managed to decide and get a dining table. This purchase has the surprising side-effect that now, by virtue of owning a dining table, my apartment has a dining area as well!

Furniture's little miracles that we should all be thankful for…

Anyways, enough chat and let's see some photos!

This is the living room, on the media side. We can see a nice bookshelf, my Media Center computer hidden between the bookshelf and the TV table, the TV table itself (including HD DVR, some external hard drive, router/modem, the mandatory Xbox 360 and a Denon AVR-1084 receiver), the Samsung LS-N3241D TV, the Klipsch RB-15 bookshelf speakers and a random piece of art.

Above the TV, there are four frames. Inside these frames I put some used vinyl record covers that work wonderfully as art (from the left: The Orb – Perpetual Dawn 12″, OMD – Genetic Engineering 12″, New Order – Fine Time 12″, The Orb – Orblivion)

On the other side of the living room, there's The Couch ™. The wall is still bare, until I find out a piece of hanging art that I like. We can also see the dining table discussed above.

With a fancy reverse angle shot, we see again the dining table and the computer station. Across that, the kitchen.

I may want to point out the awesomeness of that chair. Well, I may point that out better with a nicer photo…

Anyways, this is a section of my apartment. I am very sure that nobody actually cares, but there may be some family member or friend or sworn enemy that will make sure I am completely aware of what they think about it 🙂

Life in an apartment is actually not bad. I am inconsiderate enough not to care about music volume levels or hours when to start the washer/dryer and the very small floorspace makes cleaning and generally tidying up a very quick and easy task.

Even Astral likes it.

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