Check, please

My body is kindly reminding me that limits do, indeed, exist.

I had forgot that the way you do business in Italy involves huge amounts of alcohol, to be consumed pretty much at any time between 10am and 4am. If you're not completely used to this style (like me at the moment), it's very easy to get “tipsy” well before lunch.

That can't go for long. At a certain point in time there's something buried deep into the reptile brain telling you “Please. Stop. Do it for the children.” And that's what is ringing in my ears right now, so there will be a unilateral moratorium on alcohol consumption for today.

Well, until 10pm at least. Then there's another new bar opening where I've been invited.

And, you know, not going and not downing a number of mojitos would be just, well, rude.

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