Hunted by work

(Posted originally on LiveJournal on May 30th 2006)

I’m here on vacation. I was expecting to meet a couple of guys which I worked with in the past and talk a little shop about the glorious life at the b0rg empire and instead…

In an hour I have to go have a couple glasses of wine in a bar downtown (it will be 2.30pm, but that’s how you do business here) to talk to Mike, the coach of the local football team (not soccer, american football).

He just arrived from Springfield VA, and in some very oblique and contorted way, my former associate managed to snag him while he was planning a complete PR campaign revamp for the team. That mean web presence, shirts, hats, posters, street advertising, maybe even TV and radio ads. But he speaks only english, of course. So the guy from america had to be called to deal with these discussions.

Back to consulting and negotiating, I guess….

Only this time I’ll promote my brother’s graphics agency and my associate web servicing company.

Really, I was planning to go to the beach this afternoon…

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