Small things shine bright

(Posted originally on LiveJournal on May 29th 2006)

Almost half into my vacation, I can try a first stab at understanding it.

I needed it. Seriously. I am enjoying myself a bit too much and I’m pretty sure my body will present me the bill once I get back into the US, but right now I don’t care at all. Going out almost everynight and party until 2, 3, 4am is just solid happy fun; I barely sleep and practically burst with untamed energy; never felt so confident and self-assured.

I even believe I slightly glow in the dark.

The previous two times I came here from Victoria, I was looking forward to go back home in Canada. This time, it’s different. I am almost (almost) thinking about finding a job here…

But I know it’s just the fascination of new shiney things. Reality will come back.

Maybe. Who knows?

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