Notes from above

(Posted originally on LiveJournal on May 26th 2006)

Flying at who knows how many feet over Greenland, my laptop detected a wireless connection. Thanks Lufthansa, but I’ll pass for this trip the $30 to connect to the inflight wifi… maybe on the way back.

I’m stocking up on drinking wine and cognac but it seems sleep is an elusive thing for me lately; between waking up every day at 6am and sleeping in a less-than-prefect bed, I suspect my body is being quietly punished. I am sure that the next two weeks with my friends in Italy won’t be exactly soothing for my health. Well, at least that will be compensated by amazing food and regular meals.

I caught up with the Doctor Who episodes I have on my little Creative Vision:M and now I’m listening to the lovely Imogen Heap, while she was vocalist of Frou Frou, alongside with Guy Sigsworth (anyone who follows the brit DJ scene knows who I’m talking about). It’s been a while since an artist provoked a noticeable emotional response in me. Must be the moment I’m going thru, or who knows, but the Details album (as Frou Frou) and Speak For Yourself (as Imogen Heap) are just… well, awesome. Worth checking them out.

What about work, you ask?

Work is potentially fantastic. I say potentially because I have still no clue about my real tasks or even the position. I suspect that the unusual situation of me getting on board on a very busy team at close to crunch time (did you guys noticed Vista beta 2 has been released today?) and leaving for two weeks after five days wasn’t too conductive to a deep involvement in the work flow. I really hope that, once back, every piece will fall neatly into place, otherwise I’m in for a world of hurt.

Speaking of which, once my vacation is done, ginormous tasks are waiting for me, like getting a car and a house and furniture and… yes, a life. My life has been in a holding pattern for way too long; I need a solid foundation to go forward. I am tired of being always on the verge of something else, I am tired of keeping boxes just because “I may move tomorrow”, I am tired of not putting my feet down on the ground and let roots grow freely.

Seattle is still very much NOT home. As soon as I got out of the ferry Monday, back on Vancouver Island, I felt engulfed in a cozy blanket of familiarity, and then meeting my friends for a little get together was nothing short of magnificent. If anyone of you is reading this, I love you guys. And Mike, Sheryl, Mark, Raymond and anyone else who didn’t make it.

But, as usual for me, let’s focus on the future. Let’s enjoy these two vacation weeks and then let’s work on making sure no loose ends are left untouched.

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