Microsoft Max, part 1

A bit late, but let’s talk about Max.

It’s a photo sharing application. Sounds awfully boring, eh? After all, there are plenty of other packages that do just the same, uploading pictures to the web, or sending them via email.

But there inlays the problem.

What if you have limited web space? What if you want to share full resolutions pictures from an 8Mp camera via email? That won’t work. Many times there are limits on attachments size or the hosting company gave you, say, 10Mb, or the service (flickr or others) doesn’t give you unlimited space.

Max shares photos directly between the two connected machines. Peer to peer transfers across firewalls, routers and other bad devices between the source and destination PCs.

That’s it for now, more details on part 2 about why the app was created and how it will evolve.

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