Waiting for the keynote

After a lovely quesadilla rightfully sponsored by a *seekrit* team, it’s time to go to see the emperor.

I had the wake up call at 6.30am, woke up in a rush after somehow my eyes cought a glance of “7:04” on the room clock (some dimwit left it an hour ahead or something), figured out that it was before my wake up call anyways, so I got to the convention center early.

Early, of course, means nowhere near early enough to be the first in line.

Even after a quick egg and sausages breakfast, I walked briskly to the keynote hall (positioned strategically at the other end of the sprawling convention center, in order to weed the unfit devs to be in the good seats 🙂 and found out that at least 100 people were already lounging around in the line.

So, what I saw up to now?

Nothing much (that I can say) yet. The code demos for WinFX and Vista are simply amazing. Developing applications from next year on will be like writing video games… Only a lot more easier.

Anyways, doors will open in 15 mins, more details after the keynote.


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