Back from the void

Sorry for the long hiatus, I was busy with the usual real life thing and writing some spiffy software. I wrote a couple of very simple but useful add ins for my Windows Media Center Edition machine and I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my homebrew CMS.

Let’s first talk about my new CMS. There are plenty of commercial or free CMSs around that run on all possible platforms. There are hosted systems, server side systems, client side systems, hybrid systems, even systemless systems.

So why would I want to write a new one? Just because I can?

In part that’s the reason. But there are other drivers behind this decision; the need to keep my skills sharp and the constant realization that all those available systems are almost-but-not-quite perfect for my vision of what I want from a CMS.

I’m using Voice now to maintain this blog and work out the kinks, I’ll post more about the design and the implementation of the whole system in the near future.

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