PDC Sessions Release 1.0

Well, version 1.0 is done. Get the executable and the datafiles here (note: link does not work anymore), and remember you’ll need Sql Server CE 2.0 installed on your device to use this application.

More details later, now I have to fix an Asheron’s Call plugin written in VB6 🙂

In the meanwhile, make sure to let me know if you like it and what would you like to be improved or changed.

Edit: I’ve added a VERY simple installer (note: link does not work anymore), this will not check for the presence of the .NET Compact Framework, or the Service Pack 1, or SQL Server CE, all of which have to be installed in order to have a working solution. Oh, and disregard the “My Company” thing displayed by the installer, I’ve yet to figure out how to change it 🙂

And, for whoever is vaguely interested, the problem with the Asheron’s Call plugin was brilliantly solved by my wife, after Dominic Pease pointed us to the stupidest XPath function W3C has ever released. (translate, anyone?)

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