Sensory recall

Does it ever happen to you that something, a song, a flavour, a smell… kicks you back to years ago, and everything is crystal clear and it’s like you’re right there, right now?

I was lazily organizing my new music downloads (yes, we’re in Canada, we can do that 🙂 and saw this little gem: Simple Minds – Promised You A Miracle. Neat, I thought, it’s like 20 years (literally) that this song came out and at least 10 I haven’t listened to it. Double click…

WHAM! I’m in my car, driving on a Sunday afternoon with my closest friends around the hill near Trieste, searching for an osmiza (a kind of impromptu restaurant set usually inside somebody’s house or garage, to sell their wine production) and singing VERY loudly along this tape. I saw the road, felt the car rocking, smelled the november chilly air. I looked at the tape box and I could READ the playlist. It was there, written in blue ballpen and I saw Everything’s Gone Green by New Order, Theme For Great Cities by Simple Minds, Penthouse and Pavements by Heaven 17, Life in Tokyo by Japan and all sorts of other favourites of the time.

Luckily I have MP3s of all these songs, so I put them in a playlist with the same order as they were in that light gray TDK C90.

We’re almost at the osmiza now, Pierpaolo is breaking out the boombox, so we’ll not have to stop being on the edge, darks and wavers and punks alike, scaring the common folks and pushing our limits.

But it was so worth it.

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