The fun is back

Well, I’m going on developing infrastructure code for NFFTI (yeah, I know. I’ll post more gruesome details later) and I realized a simple fact…

I’m having fun.

It has been years since I had real fun coding, since Turbo Pascal 5.5 or the early Visual Basic 6 days. Java had never been “fun”, just a tool I had to use for my job. And nobody in his clear mind would call PL/SQL a fun language or development environment…

But C# and Visual Studio and (most important) the incredible community around them is making the task of sitting down and pounding code a non-dreaded occupation anymore. I have some people to thank for this so, in perfect Academy Awards style, here they are in no particular order:

Jamie Cansdale, Peter Provost, John Bristowe, Eric J. Smith, Joshua Allen, Jason Moore, Dominic Pease, Kurt Mackey, Paul Hill, Peter Dampier and all the other people I don’t know personally but are doing an great job of pushing forward with the community.

Oh, and thanks to Robert Scoble to bring most of these people at PDC03. That was mondo fun 🙂

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