NFFTI architecture and experiments

The NFFTI administration engine is composed by a set of web services that will be accessed by a web interface and a rich client application.

To start experimenting with the overall architecture, I generated a series of Data Access classes (using CodeSmith with my OleDbDALC templates, not yet released) for some tables, namely Users, Groups, UserGroups (cross reference), PropertyTypes and UserProperties (another cross reference table). Once these were generated, I put them in a Data Access Layer project along with a Global class that will deal with the connection strings.

After verifying that all these classes were working fine, I created a Business Objects project where I dropped a UserSet class. This class will manage in a single entity user data, properties and the groups to which the user belongs.

These two projects are simply class libraries. To interface them to the outside world I had to create another project (Nfftiws). This is a ASP.NET Web Service project that, for the moment, implements a UserManager class that deals with login, logout and retrieving information about a user.

Test Harness is a Winforms project that will let me test Nfftiws’ implementation.

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