New year, new impossible project

As usual, new year resolutions include -in some way or another- the nebulous objective of making more money. With the objective firm in my mind, I had to start thinking about a way to achieve it. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of a chunk of my house mortgage and that requires some serious work to be done.

After a couple of seconds of consideration, I selected a couple of web projects I had completed three or four years ago and that were in dire need of some technological updates. I contacted the client about it and he sounded quite happy with my proposal, but nothing is yet decided, so I’m in the enviable position to start thinking about the solution without having too much pressure.

Neat, eh?

Anyways, the websites are marketing/community tools for a company that deals with the entertainment industry. They have to be able to post articles, stories and news, control the submission workflow, provide downloadables and discussion forums, event calendars, RSS feeds. They have to be able to move the sites easily between hosting companies (so, not too many dependencies on the underlying platforms, albeit I’m putting my foot down at mandating .NET).

In the following posts I’m going to detail my design process and hope someone will chime in with helpful suggestions. See ya.


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