RSS in Longhorn

Dave Winer asks what do we know about an RSS aggregator in Longhorn.

Scoble (in the comments for that posts) replies rotates through your RSS feeds and displays them like a sign in Times Square displays the news .

From what I saw, this is a sample tile for the system sidebar. It is not included in the build released to the developers, but it was demoed quite often during the conference. We have to keep in mind that, at this stage, Longhorn is still in a technical preview phase, where most of the facilities we’re expecting from a modern OS, like an intuitive editor for the feed and preferences, are not implemented yet. I think the list of feeds is an OPML file, maintained by hand in a specific location 🙂

This is a picture I took during the first keynote, and it shows a couple of headlines from the MSDN RSS 2.0 feed.

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