Are you bored yet?

Let’s see pictures!

The main form, shown at the startup (well, 24 seconds after :)) with the list of the sessions you are currently “subscribed” to.

Don’t worry about the fonts, for a strange bug in the emulator, Tahoma 8pt shows as 6 points or smaller. The bug is present in the .NET CF 1.0 and it has been fixed in the .NET CF SP1. I should find out how to install the Service Pack on the emulator…

The control that displays the sessions has been more or less directly lifted from the Pocket TaskVision sample (thank you, guys!) and it sports all the funky features of that control, like double buffering, events, all those plumbing things that you never really finish completely…

And by tapping a session we find ourselves, just like magic, on the session details page!

Again, disregard the fonts, they look much better, just like the ones on the Today screen. The Notes button will open another form that will let you enter some notes about the session, while the Skip button… well, the Skip button can also be an Attend button, depending if you already plan to attend the session or not (i.e. if the session is displayed in the main screen).

We’ll see what happens when you click the Skip/Attend button in the next post.

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