PDC Sessions Browser

So, I’m going to PDC ’03. It’s been quite a while since I went to a big technology convention (last one was Windows CE DevCon in San Jose, 1998), but I already know how these things are: too much to see, too many choices, and in the end you feel like you’ve missed the really important session or failed to see that “oh-so-neat” device on the expo floor.

So, I decided to take a little step to insure that my PDC experience “will not suck”. Early this year, I got a Toshiba e740 PocketPC. I found that I’m using it quite a bit more than expected so it’s always with me, but I had yet to find an interesting software project to write for it that was at least a bit useful.

Enter the PDC Session Browser!

By using a list of all the sessions, I’m building a C# application that will let you search and browse all the sessions and add them to a “My Sessions” list, promptly displayed on the first screen.

In the next post I’ll explain how the internal structure was designed, how many times it has been redesigned, and how I had to deal with some limitation in the .NET Compact Framework.

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