Photoshop 7 vs Fireworks MX round 1

After being hit by the Photoshop wonkiness detailed in the previous post, I decided to give a serious try to that copy of Fireworks MX lying on my wife’s desk.

I don’t have high end photographic ambitions and so Photoshop always seemed a bit overkill for my simple web design purposes, but at the same time, I am comfortable with the tool and I know (more or less) exaclty what to do in order to achive a specific effect.

But my laptop doesn’t like it.

FW MX can import PS 7 .psd files keeping all the layering and formatting. I can mix vector and bitmap images much easier than using PS 7’s paths. FW MX saves images in PNG format while keeping all the layer information. I can reproduce all the effects (colour balancing, blur/sharpen filters, drop shadows) I was able to remember :). FW MX lets me draw rounded rectangles with much finer control than PS 7.

FW MX is a keeper. Photoshop, move away from my laptop! Shush!

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