NewsGator woes

So, last night Photoshop decided to crap on me and crashed freezing my laptop (PDF) in the most spectacular way. I have no idea why it’s doing that and why it’s the only application capable of locking hard my machine.

My guess is the video drivers, somehow outdated, are the main responsible in this, but…

Anyways. Flick the power button, machine comes up nicely, everything is peachy except… NewsGator doesn’t show up in Outlook. Hrm. Uninstall, reinstall, no change. I send a mail to Greg and he very quickly replies with a link to a KB article. No luck.

So I uninstall/reinstall the .NET Framework 1.0. Maybe an aborted install of 1.1 left something behind? No luck. Off to Google we go and I find another KB article, this time related to managed code add-ins. Still no luck.

Just got another email from Greg. He tells me to check in Help/About the Disabled Items list. Guess what? NewsGator is there. Click on re-enable, restart Outlook. Outlook comes up and dies after a couple of seconds.

Faithful follower of the “if it doesn’t work, hit it harder” philosophy, I blindly restart Outlook again.

Miracle of miracles, NewsGator is there and has just collected all my RSS feed.

Greg just gained a customer for the commercial version. 🙂

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