A long time…

Sorry for not posting for a week. Been busy at work (well, not in the last two days) and with my seekrit project (http://ztv.arsware.org). Last friday (not this one) we had a nice party at the Cafe’, with an harpist, a girls band and a couple of CDs I personally mixed and cut. I was thinking of making MP3s out of them and put them on my websites? Would you like it?

Monday we had a little gathering/party with the guys at the office, to celebrate the shipping of our product. Nothing too extravagant, I have to confess…

And today. Today is 4 years I’m officially in Canada. It also means it’s 4 years I’m living with Angela. It’s all good 🙂

So I’m planning a mexican outing for tonight with some mexican friends (ya know, “el dia de los muertos” and stuff), but don’t tell her! It’s a seekrit!

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