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FIRE OF WATER. You are tolerant toward others and are good at easing tension. You make others feel calm and understood. You are patient in even difficult situations or with difficult people. You would make a good therapist or healer. Because of your accepting nature, you are able to have friends from all walks of life. People seek you out for advice because you always know what to do/say for the betterment of everyone involved. Quiz

created by Polly Snodgrass.


What Labyrinth Charater are you most like?

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You are most like Sarah You are loyal to your friends. Your imagination and fantasys are what makes you differnt. Your will to win sometimes can be so strong, that you come across as cruel.

Now, the fact that I do not have a clue about Tarot readings or that I’ve seen Labyrinth only once and have no vivid memories of it shouldn’t make any difference, right?

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