The Software

All machines run Windows XP Pro. The actual PVR app is being developed in C# using the .NET framework and DirectX 8.1.

Well, actually, the capture module (I’ll explain later how the app is designed) is written in Visual Basic 6, but I’m going to convert that to C# as soon as possible. Oh yeah, and the EPG retriever is written in Perl, but I’m not going to touch it, as it comes prepackaged and working beautifully as it is.

Why C# and .NET?

I have to learn something new. In my line of job, complacency and lazyness are the keys to failure. Being on the cutting edge (kinda) is almost a necessity.

That said, I’m comfortable with the Windows development tools, I have them 🙂 and I think this language and the class library are VERY neat pieces of software.

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